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Zoom: The new in person

An innovative app that allows people to connect with the rest of the world

By: Estella Ramble

Zoom is a national virtual platform that was founded in 2011 by former web executive Eric Young. Young launched Zoom in 2013 to make video conferences simple and convenient. Due to the COVID outbreak and City shutting down in March this app became the number one means of connection for businesses families, schools, and many more. The app contains special features like sharing screens, collecting money, and accommodating more than $1,000 at a time. These features set them apart from many other video chat platforms and it requires only three things to get started you need an account, a webcam, and an internet connection.

Hybrid Churches

Due to the shelter in place ordinance and the rise of COVID-19 cases many religious groups were forced into the virtual world within a matter of days. Even churches that were glued to their traditional in-service practices have found themselves welcoming technology to keep their congregation connected and informed. Having church at home has become the new normal. Zoom is utilized to host services, bible study, youth meetings, and a variety of conferences. Although the shelter in place mandate was lifted many religious groups are merging into hybrid meetings to make hearing the word convenient for all members. For example, Harvest intercontinental church in Olney, Maryland not only holds their monthly Bible study on Zoom, they also utilize the donation feature on zoom to allow their members a way to give tithes and offerings.


A recent study showed that there are over 30 thousand companies in the United States that are using Zoom to connect with employees all over the world. Down below are five reasons that businesses both big and small can benefit from Zoom.

  • It is easy and affordable for large companies that don't have access to all employees.

  • It allows companies to break out into small groups and discuss projects the same way they would in the office.

  • Gives employees with bad service to opt-in through phone call.

  • Workers with small children can be productive within the comfort of their own homes and still look after their kids.

Saved 2020 school experience

Grade schools and universities have found a use for Zoom as well. When the COVID-19 outbreak hit in March parents were torn between sending their kids back to school and protecting them from the virus. Zoom became the holy grail and saved many families from sending their kids to in-person classes. In the year 2020 many universities switched to 100% online. Campuses were able to give their students the closes person experience they could by using Zoom for class meetings.

Zoom has impacted many individual lives by helping people stay connected to their friends, families, and jobs during this trying time


About the Author: Estella Ramble is a new public relations professional in Denton, Texas. Ramble majors in journalism with a focus in PR at the University of North Texas and a minor in creative writing. Ramble is expected to graduate in 2022.


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