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What working at Cossman PR has taught us

By: Kelsey Kim and Dakota Parks

Having never had experience working in a professional public relations setting, being able to work under Renee Cossman the past few months has been so educationally beneficial. Though we have learned an incredible number of skills, new platforms, new terms, and working under professional pressure, we were able to narrow down some of the key takeaways.

The real world does not slow down to your pace, you must speed up

While we were already expecting the business fast pace, we were still shocked at just how fast everything was. Deadlines were left and right, with sometimes only a day’s notice before it’s expected to be completed. Renee got us used to this quickly as she had set high expectations for us, and we had to learn how to adapt and get it done.

Proactive communication is key

One of the biggest things that we’ve learned through this internship is how important communication is. Everyone is just always so busy, so wasting time having small ineffective conversations not only wastes time but takes away from what you are really trying to get across. Along with this, being ready and able to communicate always is very important. We’ve learned that your email needs to be checked very very VERY regularly, considering that’s the main way we communicate with Renee.

Setting deadlines and sticking to them is crucial

Deadlines are something that we have always had, but in this case, being able to take responsibility and not only determining your own deadlines but having the discipline to stick to them is crucial in the PR world. With Renee, she has helped us to not only set deadlines but to set realistic deadlines and helped us gain perspective on just how long things will take.

Through our time at AGENZ this far, while we have learned many more skills and real-world business tactics, these were some of the things that we found most important. The most important takeaway from all of this is that you have to be able to communicate and manage your time, and if you are able to do that, then you will be able to manage through a workday.


About the Author

Kelsey Kim (She/Her) wanted to be a part of a student-run agency so that she could gain experience and exposure while learning with her peers. After graduating in December, she wants to work in the medical field, hopefully landing a job in a hospital on their PR team.