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What to expect when working with clients at AGENZ PR

Working with a client may be intimidating, but open communication and dedication will have your back

By: Itzel Macias Ibarra and Jasmine Sanders

When both of us joined AGENZ PR, we didn't know what to expect. We knew we were walking into a setting where we would be surrounded by a great team and a place where we could get hands-on experience. And in that first meeting, we were correct. Rebecca Poynter assigned us our clients, and we were on our way.

It’s all about communication

After learning, we would be working with UNT at Frisco we got in contact with them right away. Our first meeting was an introductory meeting, and this meeting is what we would consider the most important. The meeting was important because our clients presented us with our work and asked us what we could accomplish. By doing this, we knew our limitations as we didn't want to over-promise and underdeliver. Being full-time students, we knew the semester would get busy, and we would have to work around our school schedule, so in that meeting, we all made sure we understood that as we didn't want to over-step anyone's time. We also discussed our strengths and weaknesses and our interests. By communicating effectively, we were able to get on the same page and start the semester.

Following UNT Guidelines

They presented us with different options of assignments we could do, but it took us all a second to figure out which ones were the best fit for us. At first, they gave us the idea of helping with the UNT at Frisco TikTok account, and we dove right into researching the best strategies to help boost the account. Our research caught the interest of other departments within UNT, and we were able to present our research to the Mayborn School of Journalism student-managed advertising agency, SWOOP. We enjoyed pitching our ideas as it gave us the experience of what it's like to lead a pitch in the PR world. At UNT at Frisco, we are responsible for creating content for their social media accounts. Through our work, we learned there are strict guidelines we must follow. These include fonts and colors we can and cannot use. We have always seen flyers around campus and never took the time to think about what went to create them until it was our turn, which has taught us to be creative within our work while still following the requirements.

Taking control of the situation

One thing we enjoy about working with UNT at Frisco is our freedom of creativity. Walking in, we expected them to dictate our work to us, but we quickly found out this wasn't the case. Instead of micromanaging us, they prefer to lead with a hands-off approach, which took us a second to get used to as it required us to be more vocal and step up to the plate even though we were afraid of overstepping boundaries. We later realized this was what they were looking for as they wanted us to be proactive in our roles. They tell us what they would like to see in a work product, and we run with it and submit it for feedback and collaborative revisions. Everybody at UNT at Frisco is super helpful, and they want us to succeed to the best of our abilities. By allowing us to create first, then present and get critiques, they can see what we can bring to the table and what doesn't work for us. Once we finally discovered what works best for everyone, we got the ball rolling and created the perfect system for all of us.

Working at AGENZ PR is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the PR world. You get to work with real clients, which allows you to grow a level of professionalism that you may not always get in your classes. It is also fun and comforting to be surrounded by peers that you can rely on.


About the Authors: Itzel Macias Ibarra and Jasmine Sanders are two client managers at AGENZ PR. Both are students at the University of North Texas. Macias is majoring in journalism with a concentration in public relations, and Sanders is majoring in journalism with a concentration in broadcast and digital media. Macias and Sanders hope to start their professional careers when they graduate in December 2021.