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Voice of the Voiceless

Jorge Ramos is a Guiding Hand to Millions Braving a New World

By: Sergio Morales


Though he may be a news anchor reporting on international news every night, Jorge Ramos embodies many great qualities that journalists of all professions should strive to match. Ramos serves millions of Spanish-speaking immigrants in the U.S. by serving as the nightly news anchor on Univision, the premier Spanish network in the U.S. Univision is invaluable as it is only one of a handful of Spanish national news networks in the country. Ramos embodies the journalist spirit by standing against the government in favor of the people, providing a voice of comfort to his people, and willing go into the line of fire for what he believes in. Ramos has often been referred to as the “The Walter Cronkite of Latin America” and with good reason.

Rise Up

Ramos being ejected out of Donald Trump's Press Conference in Iowa

Since he became the leading Spanish news anchor for the world, Ramos has had no problem standing against unjust authority figures. At the mere age of 24, Ramos left one of the most prominent television networks in Mexico after one of his stories which criticized the Mexican government, was censored. Ramos left the station for one in the United States, where the budget was smaller, but he had more freedom to do some real reporting. Another example of Ramos standing up against authority was his confrontation with Donald Trump in Dubuque, Iowa. Already studying Trumps behavior when questioned by reporters, Ramos refused to be quiet and kept pushing Trump for an answer to which Trump then had him ejected. Trump eventually let Ramos back in, but he continued to push for his answer. Ramos being ejected out of Donald Trump's Press Conference in Iowa

Man of the People

Ramos made the most of his position as a journalist by serving as an activist for the Latin community. Ramos served as an advocate for Latin-American immigrants through his questioning of President Obama over his massive deportations despite pro-immigrant programs such as DACA. Ramos had the courage to meet with various members of hate groups to show the world the current situation often putting his life in danger.

No Holds Barred

Not only had Ramos served the Spanish-speaking community by reporting on issues in the U.S., but he has helped open their eyes by reporting on major events across the world. Ramos has reported the fall of the Berlin Wall, over five wars, and the crisis in Venezuela. After interviewing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Ramos and his team were detained and later deported from the country when his reporting indicated that there was crisis going on which Maduro denied. Knowing he was risking his life, Ramos still confronted Maduro which led to the world knowing of the injustice in Venezuela.

As an immigrant journalist, Jorge Ramos fights to expose injustice at home and abroad. Ramos serves as an inspiration to journalists of all backgrounds to be advocates for justice and transparency despite the adversity that often prevents itself.



About the Author

Sergio Morales is a public relations major at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Morales will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Summer of 2021 and will pursue a career within sports media relations.