• Sherelyn Weber

Top Trends in Gen-Z Fashion for the Best Professional Look

Vogue ways that Gen-Z can stay fashionably elegant in the workplace during COVID-19

By: Sherelyn Weber

Sherelyn Weber, author of this article, influencer, and manager for AGENZ.

It’s safe to say that I spend a lot of time online shopping. The latest item I bought and am obsessed with is a cute Saint Laurent clutch! As a UNT PR student who works both from home and in an office setting, the majority of the purchases I make consist of comfortable fall clothes and fashionable professional wear. Trends in loungewear have skyrocketed as working from home has become the new reality of our lives. However, when it comes to job interviews, Zoom meetings, and remote learning, loungewear is still not an acceptable form of professionalism. If you’re like me who works via face-to-face communication, masks have become a necessary addition to workplace attire. With these up and coming fashion trends, I am able to make a good impression both digitally and with a mask on.

Making a Statement

Keila Dunagan, AGENZ Crisis Manager wearing a fall dress with a #ICantBreathe mask.

Masks are now required when entering any business. That doesn’t mean you have to suppress your individuality. You can incorporate the expression of your personality or send a message through the use of masks. At AGENZ, we choose to present ourselves in a manner that is unique, but still polished. Bring in the fall fashion by coordinating bold masks with cooler tones. Make a political statement, show school spirit, or wear loud prints and colors.

With autumn approaching, oranges, nudes, browns, and purples are colors of choice. Not sure where to shop? SHEIN has a variety of blouses, pants and more that are cute, affordable, and appropriate for the workplace.

Kassidy Sebastian, AGENZ Brand Manager pairs a pastel-colored shirt with statement earrings.

Professionalism on Zoom

While wearing a mask is not required for Zoom calls, it is still a smart idea to look presentable. In the new age of digital transformation, employers are relying on remote services for the future of their brands. I’m sure they don’t want to hop on a call with someone who looks like they just got out of bed! A nice, comfortable blouse is recommended. This can include a button up, knitwear, or your favorite dress styled with a cute blazer.

Emphasize your look with:

  • Rose gold or silver necklace

  • Statement earrings

  • Soft glam

Makeup Mayhem

Sara Doss, AGENZ Social Media Manager, giving us bold eyes.

The latest trend in beauty is stunning eye-makeup. Yes, it is still possible to look beautiful with a mask on. Since the pandemic began, the percentage of eye-makeup sales such as false eyelashes, mascara and brow products have increased, while the sale of lip products have decreased. Essentially there is no need for lip products if it is going to be smeared anyways.

Further, I would highly advise against putting large quantities of makeup on areas of your face that the mask is covering. Doing this made me break out. When I apply makeup, I usually only do the upper part of my face. If you have time to spare, I recommend watching online makeup tutorials that are mask-specific.

Most importantly, be yourself. Present yourself in a unique fashion, be a boss, and make a statement. COVID definitely disrupted the fashion industry, but hasn’t seized it. Following these trends have helped me adjust to working remotely and remaining stylish in the midst of a pandemic.


About the Author:

Sherelyn Weber is a senior Journalism major with a concentration in Public Relations at the University of North Texas in Denton. Sherelyn is also a social media influencer who has done brand ambassador work for VS PINK, Hairfinity, and Luxe Fitness.



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