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The New of of YouTube with YouTube Stories

How YouTube Stories is changing how businesses are connecting

By: Robyne Henry

All great things start in the garage, but now they can start anywhere, thanks to YouTube Stories, where creators create in real-time.

What is YouTube?

Nearly 20 years ago, YouTube was created in February 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. The platform originally began as a video dating site that mimicked the then-popular dating website, Hot or Not. The original goal of YouTube was to have attractive women submit videos of themselves for a chance to win $100 reward. However, that failed miserably, so the creators pivoted to make it a video-sharing platform that has now allowed over one billion users to utilize the application.

Since its original business model, YouTube has increased its borders as it offers viewers a new experience of video content. YouTube has now grown into a social media platform that allows users to create content and share content to various websites and other social media platforms. YouTube has been a reliable resource for people all over the world as it enables free video sharing. Because of their huge success, they have been able to generate revenue not only from advertising but also with subscription-based content such as movies, YouTube Originals, YouTube Music, YouTube TV and now YouTube Stories.

YouTube Stories

YouTube first introduced YouTube Stories back in November 2018. As we see that stories have become a normal part of social media as seen on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. Since YouTube is a video-sharing platform, it is only right that they jump on the bandwagon, but what makes YouTube Stories different from the other platforms is the stories visible for seven days, compared to the normal 24-hour availability, this is a big deal. This is huge because, unlike other platforms, YouTube allows you the liberty of seeing the story throughout the week. But is this access available to everyone? No; unfortunately, this feature is made available only to creators who have 10,000 subscribers or more. YouTube Stories allows for non-subscribers and subscribers to see the behind-the-scenes of what their favorite creator is doing. This feature only allows for stickers to be posted, replies to comments in real-time and seven-day availability. There are still some improvements that can be made to this feature but for the most part, this is a great increase for YouTube as a brand.

Why are stories effective for Businesses?

Stories are effective because followers get to interact with their favorite creator, influencer, or business in real-time. It is personal; it puts a face and a voice to a name. Many creators understand the struggle of fighting to be in front of their audience at a specific time because of algorithms, but with stories, followers are able to see them the second they are posted without missing a beat.

Considering the life shift the world experience with COVD-19 and even the business shift, many people had to learn to pivot. Utilizing YouTube Stories is a great way for businesses to get in front of their audience members and answer those questions they may have. This also drives traffic to a business YouTube account, creating more brand awareness and increasing audience members. Many people want to feel a part of the family and not just another number or a marketing experiment, they want to feel included.

Businesses are given leverage they have not seen before. In the world of technology, there has been a loss of love for humanity in businesses and with YouTube Stories, they are able to achieve both humanity and brand awareness.


About the author: Robyne Henry is a senior at The University of North Texas majoring in journalism with a concentration in public relations at the college of Mayborn School of Journalism. Robyne is most passionate about advocating for women and trauma recovery. After graduation, Robyne plans to continue her education in clinical mental health counseling at the college of education at The University of North Texas.

This material was written for and provided by AGENZ PR, a student-led PR firm specializing in matters of diversity, inclusion, and the Gen Z perspective. AGENZ teams are comprised of PR students from the University of North Texas Mayborn School of Journalism, all of whom are dedicated to providing clients with insightful and digitally innovative work products to enhance business practices. Students learn and excel by getting hands-on, professional experience in the public relations industry.