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The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

How Companies are Utilizing their Platforms to Raise Awareness and Enact Change

By: Erin Dixon

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business concept where companies focus on specific ways to be philanthropic. The four main types of CSR are economic responsibility, environmental responsibility, ethical responsibility and philanthropic responsibility.

Buy One Give One

Toms is the perfect example of a company that has a philanthropic focus. Toms launched the Buy One, Give One model in 2006, which created a trend that various other companies have followed. Now, Toms still gives a pair of shoes for every pair that is bought but also donated one-third of its profit to grassroots efforts. The company believes that in order to have real change, progress should be driven from the ground up. According to the Toms Impact Report, this company has impacted 100 million lives throughout 2019 and 2020.

1% for the Planet

Patagonia designs and sells durable outdoor clothing that is made to last. This company is passionate about outdoor activities and saving the planet. Therefore, Patagonia is an environmentally responsible company. Since 1985, Patagonia has been taxing itself, it is called 1% for the Planet. This 1% of all sales goes towards preserving and restoring our planet. Additionally, Patagonia encourages its employees to do volunteer work. They have an Environmental Internship Program that allows employees to take up to two months off work (while still earning a full paycheck and benefits) to volunteer for grassroots groups. Patagonia also has a program called Worn Wear, which allows customers to send in their worn items for credit or to repair them. The goal is to extend the article of clothes life, which cuts down on their carbon and water footprint.

Fighting Animal Testing

Lush creates handmade bath, body, skin and hair care. This company dips its toes in various types of corporate social responsibility. Lush fights against animal testing and only creates products that are 100% vegetarian. Their products are only tested on human volunteers. Lush has Naked Packaging for its shampoo and conditioner bars, massage bars and bubble bars. This concept has saved over 124 million bottles of plastic from ever being produced. Lush has recently launched a sustainability campaign to save the earth. This company is also a huge supporter of Black Lives Matter and Trans Rights.

Corporate Social Responsibility can impact everything and everyone around us. It also improves a brand’s image while giving back to society. It is a win-win situation. CSR can also help attract and retain employees. It is especially important to me; Corporate Social Responsibility will be a huge factor for me when looking for a job.


About the Author: Erin Dixon is a public relations professional in Dallas, Texas. Erin studied at the University of North Texas, earning her degree in Journalism with a concentration in public relations.


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