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Taking Over Texas High School Football

The man all sports editors or reporters can learn from

By: Kaylah Segleski


When I think about Texas football, the first person who comes to mind is sports journalist Greg Tepper. Tepper is a well-known sports editor for Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Magazine and the leading source for Fox Sports Southwest. He is a sports editor who makes the knowledge of football seem so easy. His confidence radiates when on camera, and he is well respected by athletes, coaches, and other professionals. The love he has for Texas high school football is truly inspiring. It has always been my dream to work in the sports industry because of people like Tepper who make sports more than just a game.

Being Knowledgeable

Greg Tepper, Editor of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Magazine

The world of football can seem complicated from an outsider looking in because there’s so much that goes into it, like statistics, recruiting information, coaching changes, rivalries, and much more. It’s easy to figure things out when watching or following the National Football League and the NCAA College Football because they receive so much news, press, and they have well-followed athletes and programs. However, the only news and press that high football receives is Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Magazine, where Greg Tepper is a sports editor. He is also a reporter during football season for Fox Sports Southwest and the Texas UIL State Football Championship. In both the magazine and his reporting, you can tell that Tepper is very knowledgeable about all the different aspects of the game. During his airtime, he goes in-depth about the different athletes, the team as an overall, his predictions for the game and why, etc. He is always giving you different perspectives to look at or more information that teaches you something new. This is the part where he makes the knowledge of football look so easy and as if anyone can do it.

Radiating Confidence

Greg Tepper doing a pre-game show from Fox Sports Southwest.

Being the face of an organization can be challenging because the brand and image weigh heavily on your actions. Texas football’s eyes follow Greg Tepper because when they see him, they attach him to Dave Campbell’s Texas Football and Fox Sports Southwest high school football. When he is reporting, he is confident in what he is saying and confident in front of the camera, which makes him a great asset to being the face of a huge magazine and television station. He is a leader on the camera, and people take notice of that. Greg makes the reporting side look so easy with his confidence that he brings in front of the camera. This also ties with being knowledgeable about the sport too.

Being Well-Respected

There are many ups and downs in the Texas high school football industry, which can make or break you as a person. When you are talking about athletes, coaches, and team programs, being a high school reporter can be tricky because the athletes are so young, and you have to be careful about how to report things. However, Greg Tepper is an excellent reporter who is well-respected by all of Texas High School football. He knows how to report things with a type of class that allows him to get across what he wants. He uses his information from throughout the season that helps him report on all things Texas High School football to back up his statements, which is how you gain respect in the industry. He has built his name so that people trust the things he says and uses his information to explain the game of football, the athletes, programs, and coaching staff. He is Texas High School football.

The three things that Tepper has that make him a great sports editor and reporter are the three items listed above; being knowledgeable, radiating confidence, and being well-respected. Tepper having those is why Dave Campbell Texas Football made him one of the faces of a well-known magazine sold everywhere in Texas and even has subscribers throughout the United States. He is a leader in the football industry that captures the game of football and even the game beyond that. Greg Tepper is truly someone that all future sports editors or reporters can learn from.



About the Author

Kaylah Segleski is an upcoming Public Relations professional, graduating from The University of North Texas in May of 2021. She is getting her bachelor’s in Public Relations with a minor in Communications studies. She plans to take her Public Relations knowledge over to the sports industry.