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Tabrina Davis: A Leading Public Relations Expert in the Healthcare System

How a journalism major worked her way up to become a PR leader in the healthcare industry

By: Alysia Walton

Logo for Memphis Tennessee's Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare
Logo for Memphis Tennessee's Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

Most Public Relations graduates initially went to school for another major and ended up switching at some point during their college career. I began college majoring in broadcast journalism then switched to PR after it was suggested to me by a professor. This was the same for Tabrina Davis, who was featured in top influential women of 2020 by The Network Journal (TNJ), a print and online business magazine for Black professionals and small business owners. Davis remains a model leader and employee by understanding the importance of nurturing and developing others.

She still considers herself new to the Methodist Le Bonheur healthcare team (MLH) and is passionate about their mission to improve the lives of others. As an upcoming public relations student, I can learn from Davis in terms of making connections in college and maintaining them throughout my career. Davis is actually a cousin to a family friend of ours. I've had the pleasure of meeting her, though the circumstances were a sad one as we met at a funeral. However, she is now one of the main people that can offer me advice about my public relations career.

PR Experience

Davis graduated from Illinois State University with a bachelor’s in mass communications and from the University of Iowa with a master’s in journalism. Her experience stems from varied industries like healthcare, education, utilities, and defense. Her numerous PR roles include multiple internal and external communications positions with volunteer experiences lasting over 13 years. She has also been the director of web strategy, and media relations manager for Commonwealth Edison, the sole electric provider in Chicago. Davis was also a board member for a children advocacy center in Illinois for 10 years.

Taking Leadership Seriously

Not only is Davis a model public relations leader but she serves on the board for the Howard County Maryland Chapter of The Society, Inc., a national organization of professional women of color. Davis is one of the top PR professionals in the healthcare industry who not only makes sure she strives for her client but for her employees as well. She has held several leadership positions for various companies and organizations, including vice president for Corporate Communications for Presence Health, the largest Catholic health system based in Illinois. She has also maintained multiple vice president positions in her career experience giving her over 15 years of experience guiding others in the communications field.

Staying Connected

Tabrina L. Davis, Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Web Strategy of MLH
Tabrina L. Davis, Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Web Strategy of MLH

Tabrina Davis is a role model for young and upcoming PR professional. One can tell that she values the connections that she has made over the years and is very keen to create new ones. In the PR business, you never stop gaining new connections and Davis obviously values those she has made. You can see from her career experience that Davis is not only tenacious in reinforcing corporate communications, but she aligns her work with her values which is admirable.

Davis exemplifies how a public relation specialist should strive to maintain positive communications for the company. Her work not only meets but exceeds expectations, showcasing a passion for public relations along the way. She is a great leader and in her work, and I admire the accomplishments she has made in the industry.

About the Author

Alysia Walton is an upcoming public relations professional in Denton, Texas. Walton studied journalism with a focus in PR at the University of North Texas and will graduate in Spring 2022.