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Something bigger than just a game

Updated: Mar 11

The Dallas Skyline Basketball Club begins its third season this month

(PLANO – Mar. 3, 2022) The Dallas Skyline Basketball Club held its first press conference of the season on Sunday, February 20 at John Paul II High School in Plano.

The Dallas Skyline Basketball team plays a scrimmage game to finalize the team roster for the 2022 season.

The club exists with the goal of providing an alternate basketball opportunity to players and viewers alike. In collaboration with AGENZ PR student professionals, Chandler Ray and Olivia Hertel, the club had just four weeks to plan, coordinate and execute not only the first press conference, but the scrimmage game that would

determine the final team roster for the 2022 season.

The AGENZ PR team was tasked with covering the press conference live. From photos to video, they were ready to capture what was sure to be an eventful afternoon. Between a lively and interactive emcee and fun dance teams, the public relations team had a lot to cover, but it was nothing they could not handle.

Team Owner, Prescott Mack, speaks about his vision for helping the community through the Dallas Skyline Basketball Club at their first press conference of the season.

During the planning, Ray and Hertel immediately dove into creating content for the press conference. Designing and printing marketing material and press badges, “that stuff no one thinks about,” says Chandler Ray, client manager for The Dallas Skyline Basketball Club and AGENZ PR student professional.

“The AGENZ PR team put together a successful media day and press conference in just weeks; media list, media invites, media release. Their work was quick and professional,” said team Owner Preston Mack.

The team’s 2020 season was cut short due to COVID-19, but Mack regards the pandemic as a blessing. He explains the lockdown provided him with an opportunity to become more educated about what it truly means to be a professional basketball league team owner. Part of that vision includes mentoring and providing opportunities for student professionals in the community, leading him to collaborate with AGENZ PR.

AGENZ PR student professional, Chandler Ray, interviews Wataru “Chuck” Igari, a new Dallas Skyline Basketball Club player.

From compiling media lists and sending media pitches to the press, to conducting media preparation through in-person and on-camera interviews with the players on the day of the press conference, the AGENZ PR team dove in and executed what became a fun-filled start to the season for both the team and its fans.

After the scrimmage, along with the team’s photography and videography team, Ray focused on educating the players with proper on-camera etiquette in preparation for the upcoming Media Day and hoop bus tours.

The basketball games will be held at John Paul II High School in Plano where Kids’ Zone will be available as well as a for-cost livestream option.


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