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Savannah Guthrie Brings Back the True Meaning of Journalism

This Today Show anchor exemplifies time and again the power and grit of the journalism profession

By: Shayna Russo


Growing up, I wrote newspapers for my family. I would give the breaking headlines about how grandparents visited for dinner or even how a sibling broke their arm. Being a journalist was always something I saw myself doing. I was deeply rooted in journalism, and I knew I wanted to go into the field one way or the other. I wanted to ask the tough questions, be the voice for the public and ensure that I tell the truth to my community. Savannah Guthrie is a journalist I have looked up to since I was a teenager. Following her career has influenced a lot of my own personal career choices. She has taught me that the goals I have are not unattainable, but achievable in ways I never knew before.

True grit career building

Guthrie in 2001 reporting about the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon

Savannah Guthrie was born to be a journalist. From working within an NBC affiliate station in Tucson, Arizona, to being front and center hosting The Today Show, she has always had a true knack for sharing the breaking news happening in communities around the United States. However, Savannah took a brief pause in her career in journalism to pursue a degree and career in law. After earning a law degree from Georgetown University, Guthrie pursued a brief position within white-collar criminal defense. However, despite the brief respite from reporting, Guthrie returned to journalism. She has stated many times that she does not regret this decision and that it even strengthened her skills as a journalist. This aspect of her career is a true testament of her dedication to finding truth and making sure others know it.

Verbal poise

Throughout her time in journalism, Guthrie has shown time and again verbal (and even physical) poise during interviews and broadcasts. A prime example of this happened just last year when Guthrie was the moderator for the impromptu presidential townhall in Miami, Florida. This came after former President Donald Trump canceled what was supposed to be the second of three presidential debates. During this Debate, Guthrie grilled the president with questions regarding his controversial actions about the resent Supreme Court nomination, COVID-19 relief efforts and his personal Twitter account. However, she was able to keep a sense of calmness that not a lot of other professionals could have done. She shot back questions that the public wanted to be asked, and she performed her duty in an eloquent way that reminds the public of the true heart of journalism. Her balance of respect for the (now former) president did not hinder her from being the tough journalist she signed up to be.

Proper Balance

Savannah Guthrie is currently a co-host of the Today Show on NBC.

Not only is Guthrie a cutthroat journalist, but she is also a doting mother and wife. Guthrie exemplifies what it means to balance an active work life, while also devoting herself to her children and husband. Even through her social media accounts, Guthrie has provided her followers with an inside scoop on motherhood and her career. Without even trying, she has been able to use her public platform to be a reminder to women everywhere that both being successful in a career and being a mom are possible and that it does not always have to be a choice of one or the other.

Savannah Guthrie is a prime example of a hardworking and dedicated journalist who was able to navigate through the challenges of life to ultimately follow her true dream. Guthrie’s career journey has been a very sweet reminder to me to never give up on the goals I want to accomplish. Even though she took a hiatus from journalism, Guthrie has taught me that twisted paths are still paths. With a little faith and hard work, the rewards are endless.



About the Author

Shayna Russo is currently a journalism student at the University of North Texas. She plans to graduate from UNT in spring 2022 and plans to obtain a master’s degree in digital communication analytics.