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PR Trend: The Popularity of Video Content

How the use of video content is gaining more traction in the PR industry

By: Sarah Wylie

Video content is becoming widely utilized throughout the PR industry, becoming a highly popular tactic in recent years. Many social media platforms are picking up on the trend of video and incorporating it into their platforms as a new tool for users. Different elements of video are used by companies, and can range from longer video segments on platforms like YouTube to shorter videos like that of TikTok or Instagram reels. Many companies are tapping into 24-hour video content, such as Instagram and Snapchat stories, and are finding great success with this type of video. It's become a versatile and successful trend for PR professionals to pick up on and use to increase levels of engagement with their targeted audience.

Instagram introduces their new video platform, Reels
Instagram introduces their new video platform, Reels

Ephemeral Video Gaining Traction

According to PRDaily, short and limited video content such as Instagram and Snapchat stories has gained more traction in recent years. The trend of ephemeral video content was originally made popular by Snapchat, which implemented a story feature to their app allowing users to upload visual content that lasts for 24 hours. Since the implementation of Snapchat's story, many other social media apps have implemented a similar tool. Twitter took its own spin on the story feature and introduced fleets, whereas Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn have all added a story element to their platforms as well.

Video content used for short amounts of time is gaining lots of attention due to how casual and easy is to create. PRDaily explains that short-lasting video content is a good trend for companies and organizations to utilize in order to increase their share of voice in their respective areas of expertise. Both organizations and nonprofits have utilized this trend in recent years. The Stewpot, a nonprofit organization in Dallas, implements Instagram reels and stories on their page in order to engage followers and offer interesting content in the form of video.

Introducing CEOs with Video

While video has become a powerful tool in conveying messages on its own, it also helps provide insight and animation to written content. Many companies have a section on their website introducing their CEO and staff members. However, with the increase of popularity in video content, more companies are deciding to introduce their CEO or elaborate on information through video segments. For example, in 2020 Nexxar produced a video of their company’s CEO giving an online annual report. By utilizing video for this message, the audience was able to physically see and experience the personality of the CEO of while also gaining an understanding of the report. Video allows companies to convey an authentic and genuine message more so than that of written or static content. Different effects are achieved through video and they provide a powerful tactic in giving company’s the ability to become natural in addition to connecting with viewers on a more personal level.

The Implementation of Video in Company Culture

In the past, the description of a company's culture could usually be found on it's website. Their values, ideals and overall work environment is typically described through written content and photos. Recently though, video has proven to be far more effective in getting a point across in a quick and cost-effective manner, with many companies flocking to video due to its accessibility. Companies no longer have to rely on shooting an entire production to create a video describing their company culture, but instead are able to shoot a 30 second video on an iPhone that is just as effective and engaging. For example, Apple released a four minute employee recruiting video that was both effective and inexpensive. The company utilized video in order to explain and illustrate the brand's culture and values in a clean and sleek manner, ultimately benefitting from trend of video.

Video is a trend that will stay in effect for a while. With more people consuming video content than any other media, video should be utilized by companies in order to provide interesting and engaging content to consumers. It's versatile, and can be used in many different ways across many different formats. Whether used as a short and simple piece of video in a story feature, or a longer piece describing company culture, video is an effective way to get the message across and increase the success of a company today.

About the Author

Sarah Wylie is a public relations professional and journalist from Arlington, Texas. She studies both journalism and public relations at the Mayborn School of Journalism at the University of North Texas in Denton and anticipates graduating in May of 2022. Sarah is passionate about all things social media and has a love for writing.


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