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My role at AGENZ

What I contribute to AGENZ PR

By: Rachel Card

As Content specialist/Writer from AGENZ’s brand team, it is my job to ensure that the AGENZ PR website is functioning, accessible and reflective of our brand. I also create content for the website, such as blogs for on topics AGENZ has a vested interest in, such as all things Gen Z and trends in public relations and journalism.

Website Edits

My first order of business was to make some grammatical and formatting edits to the website, as I had observed some errors in both departments on my initial review of the homepage. Afterward, I contacted last semester’s content editor to walk me through her website notes and passcodes for both the website and the AGENZ email. I then noticed that, unlike most university PR websites, and most websites in general, the AGENZ PR website did not have a page or section outlining our COVID-19 policies or giving updates on COVID-19. I have since finished constructing a COVID-19 information page, which does not have an updates feature, as our COVID-19 policies have remained mostly consistent since AGENZ’s founding and will probably continue on as such. I added our mailing address to the footer, and will be adding an introductory page for our fall 2021 team as soon as I have everyone’s headshots. I am also toying with the idea of a FAQ, or of quoting clients and former AGENZ members to further establish credibility.

Content Creation

I have written a blog on effective communication in the age of Gen Z, which explores the impact of Gen Z on the ways we communicate, especially as it concerns journalism and PR. I also help edit and publish content as provided by my peers, such as Itzel Macias Ibarra’s blogs on Met Gala founder Eleanor Lambert and how colleges can and are utilizing TikTok as a platform. I have almost finished a branding guide that will shortly be made available to all AGENZ members, and I have bios written up for each member of the fall 2021 team. This semester, we’re hoping to write more blogs on topics related to AGENZ’s brand identity, as opposed to blogs biographing famous journalists, although those won’t necessarily be phased out. We are also hoping to have more press release examples to show for our press room.


As previously stated, I am not the only person contributing to the website and its content. While I work most closely with my fellow AGENZ brand team members, I also collaborate with AGENZ members who have been assigned elsewhere to ensure that the website and the content being produced accurately reflect the work AGENZ is doing. Every AGENZ member can and is encouraged to write blogs according to their respective specialties, and each person has a say in what goes into their bio. The press releases we are hoping to put out will likely have been done on behalf of one of our clients, and all blogs are reviewed not only by me but by our Student CEO/Brand Manager to ensure that they are grammatically sound and legible. Here at AGENZ, collaboration is key.

I think that the roles I have been assigned to at AGENZ are both rewarding and reflective of my strengths as they benefit the PR industry. I am lucky to have been given the opportunity to hone these skills in a setting that provides me with a hands-on experience, and am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the semester brings.


About the author: Rachel Card (She/Her) joined AGENZ to gain hands-on PR experience before graduating in December. She hopes to put her degree toward either PR for nonprofits or a more generalized writing career.