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My Journalism Inspiration: Leah Frazier

Why Leah Frazier inspires me to shatter glass ceilings

By: Robyne Henry

Initially, I pursued public relations because I wanted to represent people and help them accomplish their everyday tasks. That desire has since transformed into a desire to advocate for/help women with their everyday tasks, trauma recovery and in teaching the power of dominated spaces. During my internship, I had an amazing conversation with a woman about my desire to be a part of the discussion around creating access to capital and funding. She gave me some insight and listened to my emotional gratitude about working with my internship and being allowed to sit in on high-level conversations. As I walked to my car, I was then told I was speaking with THE two-time Emmy Award Winning Leah Frazier—boy did I lose it.


You never know something is truly needed until you are exposed to its capability and power. Leah Frazier is what most would consider a sniper; you never see it coming but when you do, you wish you had. Leah Frazier embodies what it means to say, “I changed my mind and that’s okay.” She was formally a multi-licensed attorney before she stepped into a trailblazing career in entrepreneurship, media personality, speaker and bestselling author. When most people are taught to stay put and settle, Leah shows that if you outgrow a space two things can happen, you either grow or go.

Leah has shattered glass ceilings as she has shown the importance of going after your dreams and daring to be different. Her life motivates Black women and women in general by telling them that you can be great at the things you enjoy if you believe in yourself and forsake the trick of jealousy. In her interview with Lioness Magazine, Leah shares that, “’Men can stick together like lions in a pack’ and so can we. We are Lionesses after all! Share content from women in your industry and throw congratulations and well wishes their way when appropriate. A rising tide of female empowerment lifts all boats.”


Leah has produced several materials of work as a journalist, publicist and celebrity stylist. In each piece of her work, there is a mark that is left showcasing that she was present. Her level of dedication and persistence tells women that the only challenges they have are the ones they don’t conquer. This same drive can be seen in her business Think Three Media. Leah is the founder and CEO of Think Three Media, a Dallas public relation, communication, social media management and marketing agency. This company prides itself on empowering brands and outfitting businesses to make them successful.


Leah’s drive can be considered a confidence booster and a beacon of hope after encountering her and her work. With all the information that readers are receiving via her books, Promise, a devotional for women, and Lessons From the Bottom, a book illustrating how failure was actually a setup for success, they are compelled to transform. They are strengthened to tackle new challenges and make all odds even.

Leah is an inspiration for me because she moves with grace, humility, and power. She goes after every goal and whether unsure or certain, she perseveres. I love how multi-talented she is and how she is so humble. She makes me excited to learn, connect and engage in dynamic conversations. She paved the way for young women like me and I aspire to make her proud.


About the author: Robyne Henry is a senior at The University of North Texas majoring in journalism with a concentration in public relations at the college of Mayborn School of Journalism. Robyne is most passionate about advocating for women and trauma recovery. After graduation, Robyne plans to continue her education in clinical mental health counseling at the college of education at The University of North Texas


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