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Keylla Hernández: Positivity That Inspires

A Journalist with a Journey to Learn From

By: Sara Yampier


When I think about inspiring journalism leaders, I automatically transport myself to when I fell in love with communications. While growing up, I used to sit every weekend with my mom and watch the news. From the two most popular morning news in Puerto Rico, “Noticentro al Amanecer” was my favorite. However, what made it special was the constant joy and passion reflected by its co-anchor Keylla Hernández. Her compassion and kindness were key to gaining the respect, affection and admiration of its public, specially mine.


During Hernández’s professional development, she pursued a bachelor’s in journalism at Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico. After graduating, Hernández got her first job at a Puerto Rican radio station, followed by her WAPA TV journey. She first started as a reporter and became the morning show's co- anchor for 11 years, showing how her perseverance open opportunities for her that she could have never imagined. Hernández has always shown her compassion and love to others. She was known for her will to live, her passion and compassion when informing so early in the morning. Hernández's purpose was always to help others, getting involved in several charities, like Race for the Cure. Eventually, she started what was known as “El Clan de Keylla (Keylla’s Clan)” which the audience immediately supported. Her perseverance, kindness, empathy and contagious smile made her unique from the other reporters in the Island.

Positivity in times of adversity

In 2015 Hernández was diagnosed with lung cancer stage four and a year after with metastasis. She knew that her life had changed forever, however even though she was encountering a hard battle, she never gave up. During her fight with cancer, she was forced to leave the morning show to undergo medical treatment. Nevertheless, she decided to return a month before her death to the tv station. Hernández expressed her gratefulness among every opportunity and life occurrence despite the discomfort she was encountering.

Found strength in a passion

Hernández had the dream of having her tv show, which eventually, the television station made true. With Cuéntame tu Historia (Tell me your story), she wanted to tell the story of those who weren’t heard and needed help. The co-anchor always demonstrated her empathy among others, her passion, and her desire to help. Hernández became part of the family of every single person who had the opportunity to watch her every morning. Keylla Hernández is the perfect representation of someone who enforces a profession that inspired her and motivated her to become a better person. Not even the hardships encountered in her life stopped her from doing what she most enjoyed, helping and informing others. Hernández portrayed kindness, passion and hope, that will always be cherished by those who admired her in the small Caribbean Island. She became my inspiration and the person I will always look up to in the world of communications.


About the Author Sara Yampier is a new public relations professional in Denton, Texas. She’s pursuing a bachelor’s in journalism with a focus in PR and a minor in marketing at the University of North Texas.


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