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Jon Stewart: Late Night and Latest Inspiration

By: Thomas Garcia


When I look at journalism and how it covers the news, I think it takes a bit too much of a pessimistic approach that presents the news to make each event seem world ending. The best way to fix this issue of delivering the news fearfully is to add some creativity. Jon Stewart solved this problem using his creative writing talent to make a satirical comedy in the form of a news show.

Creativity with News

Long time host of “The Daily Show” Jon Stewart

This product he helped create is known as “The Daily Show,” news was presented with a spin allowing people to obtain valuable knowledge about the world around them while getting a unique perspective. One quality I have admired about Jon Stewart is his ability to approach complicated, serious subjects with enough creativity also completely to diffuse the emotional situation the news itself created. It really shows me how you should always try to look at events and situations in more than one way. He does this in many cases with everyday political and world events. Stewart does this so well that when he wants to talk about something serious in his famous monologues, he has an audience. He has given himself a serious voice that people listen for in situations like the Charleston church shooting.

Challenging beliefs and perspective

Stewart’s qualities go beyond being a good writer and presenter of world events. He has an ability to understand and explain different perspectives to those who aren’t even his biggest fan. One of his most famous appearances is with Bill O’Reilly, a conservative television host, on “The O’Reilly Factor,” where he goes onto his show to explain his point of view and debate topics with him. His debates showed an extreme skill of communication and persuasion. Stewart uses a series of personal anecdotes and history to rationalize his points in a way that challenged people’s conventional beliefs. Stewart presents facts and connections that help people understand the world around them, a necessary skill for a journalist.

Using his platform for good

Stewart testifying in front of congress.

One of Stewart’s most recent and memorable public appearances wasn’t a T.V. appearance but this time in front of Congress. Stewart took it in his hands to gain support to renew “9/11 First Responder’s Bill,” a bill that gave health benefits to those first responders harmed from the September 11th attacks. Stewart did this by making appearances on other T.V. shows such as “The Late Show” and his former show “The Daily Show.” With the renewed support, Stewart was able to put pressure on the government because of his ability to draw attention to a topic that wasn’t widely covered. He then made it personal by bringing former firefighters with him to testify in 2019 in front of Congress. His conviction goes beyond his job to help others.

Stewart may have started with his comedy career but has used his communication talents to bring news in a creative new way that engaged a younger audience and inspired them into political action and challenged traditional beliefs long held by many. Lastly, Stewart has used his platform to bring attention to issues he felt strongly about and got the “9/11 First Responders Bill” renewed. Stewart is brilliant in how he communicates and creates a platform that allows him to present what he finds necessary for the American people.



About the Author

A culture blogger from San Antonio, Texas who covers everything from social issues and world events and how it intersects in sports, movies and T.V.



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