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Jenna Bush Hager: Energetic First Daughter Swaps Title for Exceptional Broadcast Journalist

Hager’s career proves that the White House was only the beginning for her

By: Morgan Melson


Say the name Jenna Bush Hager to anyone on the street and they will automatically think of the political dynasty of the Bush family, but Jenna is so much more than that. I look to Jenna as a journalist that I hope to emulate. I may not be a former First Daughter or even granddaughter to the President of the United States, but I can see myself in her. I am a daughter, a friend, and a journalist with a heart to share people’s stories.

Pursuing a Passion

Turn on Today with Hoda and Jenna at any point and it is no secret that this woman has a huge heart for people. Children are special, they have a gentle and giving heart for others. In Jenna’s case she has managed to hold onto her young spirit by always putting others first and recognizing the privilege she has to be able to serve others. As a college student at the University of Texas in Austin studying English, Jenna began an internship with UNICEF in Latin America. There she was, just Jenna, someone with a big heart bursting at the seams to help others. While in Panama, she met a young teen mom with HIV. The young humanitarian became a New York Times bestselling author of “Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope”. As someone who wants to dedicate their life to helping others, the feeling of wanting to give back never stops. Jenna Bush Hager gained the title of “Miss Jenna” while working at an inner-city D.C. charter school as a teacher after graduating college.

The Sky Isn’t the Limit

Jenna Bush Hager with Hoda Kotb on the set of their morning show where they have been cohost since 2019 after Kathy Lee Gifford left the show.

Many women have often felt limited in what they can do. It’s easy to fall into the lies that you aren’t smart enough, strong enough, or capable enough to achieve all of your dreams. Jenna has defied the lies that so many girls have experienced. One look at her exceptional pedigree and you will know that Jenna has never limited herself to just one role. She has been a humanitarian, teacher, author, magazine editor, broadcast journalist and mother. Some of those titles have been held at the same time. It is admirable the way Jenna openly talks about her family on TV, admitting that the role of being a mom and maintaining a full time job that you love is difficult, but she wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. She shows girls of all ages that you can have it all. You can have the career that you have always dreamed about with the family you have always dreamed about right by your side.

Unique Perspective

“Sisters First”, the book written by Jenna

Being a former First Daughter and Granddaughter has brought a unique perspective to Jenna’s career as a broadcast journalist on her show with Hoda Kotb. Her work has allowed many Americans to see a side of the First Family that the country has never seen before. Through Jenna, she has shared glimpses of her relationship with the Obama daughters, Sasha and Malia, as she helped them adjust to life in the White House. Recently, Jenna interviewed President Biden’s granddaughters prior to the inauguration. Her interview with the soon to be First Family could not have been done by anyone else. The unique perspective that she brings to an interview is undeniably engaging.

“Sisters First”, the book written by Jenna and her twin sister Barbara

As a First Daughter, Jenna Bush Hager is oddly relatable to me. I admire the way that she stays authentic to who she is, never feeling the need to be someone she’s not. She proudly acknowledges that she is a mom, author, journalist and so much more. As I soon enter my journalism career outside of college, I will continue to look up to Jenna in many ways. All it takes is a click of the remote to get some time with Jenna.



About the author

Morgan Melson is a public relations student in Denton, Texas. She is currently studying journalism with a focus in PR at the University of North Texas Mayborn School of Journalism. Her love for helping people has led her to pursue a minor in nonprofit leadership. She is expected to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in May 2022.