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Jay Carney: Press Secretary to Amazon

Successful in the spotlight and behind the scenes

By: Destini Watts

Jay Carney with Former President Barack Obama
Jay Carney with Former President Barack Obama

I had never fully researched Public Relations professionals before writing this blog. After searching the highest paying areas of public relations in the United States, I came across the District of Columbia. Jay Carney once was White House press secretary who served under former President Barack Obama’s administration but is now running the public relations and policy departments at Amazon with Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and elite CEO.

Time Magazine

A little after college, Carney went to work for Time Magazine. He worked at Time Magazine for 20 years. At Time Magazine, he mostly covered presidential affairs, especially during the Clinton and Bush administrations. Carney was interested in policy and communications which led him to focus on political campaigns, domestic and foreign policies, and other political affairs throughout his reports. One of his most infamous times as a reporter was being aboard Air Force One during the 9/11 attacks in New York with former President W Bush.

White House Press Secretary

The main role of the white house press secretary is to be the representative and overseer of communications for the entire executive branch that is located in the White House. Carney served as the press secretary for former President Obama from 2011 until 2014. He stated in a lecture hall at Yale that “The press always wanted more than we could tell them.” It is ironic that Carney said this because later on in the lecture hall he shared that he depended on leaks for stories during his time as a journalist, but soon later moved into the public sector as press secretary.


Carney's Profile Picture on Twitter
Carney's Profile Picture on Twitter

Carney began his journey at Amazon in 2015 to assist in their global affairs and become the overseer for the Public Affairs and Public Policy departments within Amazon. Although it may seem as though Carney has left the political side of communications, he has continued to assist with lobbying on behalf of Amazon. This lobbying helps the agenda of Amazon with their negative connotation when it comes to politics and presidential candidates.

Jay Carney has had a tremendous career that has included time in the spotlight and behind the scenes of a number of historic events in our country. Carney is poised in the face of each challenging question, and he has strategic preparation and a reputation to help him prolong his career. One of the things I like most about Carney is that he is prepared for anything that comes his way. He is ready for everything that is thrown at him.

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Destini Watts is currently a senior majoring in Public Relations at the University of North Texas. She plans to graduate with her degree in May of 2022.