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Communities Foundation of Texas

A Foundation with a Heart the Size of Texas and a Vision That’s Even Bigger

By: Morgan Melson

Making North Texas a community

Communities Foundation of Texas, simply known as CFT, is working to make North Texas a thriving community for all. I’ve had the honor to work alongside the marketing and communications directors of CFT, witnessing their vision for the community come to life through different practices and strategies. Ranging from supporting local nonprofits and causes, to assisting businesses that have a heart for the community, and heading statewide education initiatives, CFT works to help everyone anyway it can.

One Day, One Goal

Every year, for one day, CFT puts on North Texas Giving Day. This is an opportunity for members of the North Texas community to donate to local nonprofits and causes that they care about. In the most recent Giving Day, over 66 million dollars was raised for 3,366 different nonprofits and causes across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Since its beginning in 2009, each year there has been growth in the amount raised, nonprofits served and donors that have invested in the exciting day. The communications and marketing teams have been a vital part to the growth and success of Giving Day over the last 12 years. It is part of their job to manage the various social media accounts the day of, engage with followers, and make sure all donors, partners, and sponsors are part of the big day.

Do Good, Be Good

CFT asks the simple question, are you in good company? This question is meant to spark the interest of local DFW businesses to step back and look at what they are doing to care for the community. The Be in Good Company program was created with the goal of having North Texas be a thriving business-engaged community. By providing expertise and resources, Be in Good Company works to build thriving teams, thriving cultures, and a thriving future for local businesses. Companies are recognized across CFT social media platforms for their community efforts, as well as given access to va

rious networking events and opportunities.

Educate Texas, Educate All

Leading the way in education initiatives, CFT created Educate Texas in 2003 with the vision to help all Texas students achieve a higher education. Through programs, policies, and partnerships, educational equity is being achieved in communities across Texas. Since its inception, over 320,000 Texas students have achieved a higher education through college and career readiness, as well as 64,000 teachers who are effectively teaching in their communities. Communication and marketing efforts are used to reach students and teachers through events and programs that equip both groups for success.

The Continued Fight

The work put into creating a thriving community here in North Texas is a mission with no end. Goals will continue to be created, and goals will continue to be met. At CFT, each person plays an important part in carrying out the mission and vision that the foundation has for the community. Communications and marketing are a big part of carrying that out, especially in a digital world.


About the author

Morgan Melson is a public relations student in Denton, Texas. She is currently studying journalism with a focus in PR at the University of North Texas Mayborn School of Journalism. Her love for helping people has led her to pursue a minor in nonprofit leadership. She is expected to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in May 2022.