• Sherelyn Weber

Brands are still Empowering College Students Across the U.S.

Find out how these brands are utilizing campus representatives during COVID-19

By Sherelyn Weber


Hiring college ambassadors has been a recent PR trend in the fashion industry. However, the Coronavirus has made it hard for reps to truly represent a brand on campus. Now, more brands are now relying on social media presence and virtual events more than ever, but does it work? As a micro-influencer and brand ambassador, conducting campaigns and promoting it on social media is always efficient. Also, these opportunities benefit deserving students with career-enhancing knowledge, free products, and an increase in following.

Kendra Scott brand markets to Gen Z.

Kendra Scott Gems

Despite the disruption of COVID, Kendra Scott is still finding a way to celebrate young empowering students. Gems is a group of hand-picked ambassadors that represent Kendra Scott’s brand. Consisting of 98 students over 80 college campuses across the U.S., this program was launched in 2018 to give its ambassadors special networking opportunities and career-boosting experiences in the fashion industry. Ambassadors receive jewelry items such as earrings or bracelets to promote on social media.

To further take these initiatives into effect, Kendra Scott will be hosting virtual events such as the Kendra Gives Back event that allows community members to host empowerment, health and education events.

Kendra Scott bracelet I purchased.

"We continue to also encourage really great conversations around anti-racism and social justice,” said Mindy Perry, chief marketing director. “We have partnered with The Conscious Kid to encourage over 3,000 books in the classrooms this fall to continue these incredible conversations.”

PINK Campaigns

PINK is definitely one of the most popular brands when it comes to using college ambassadors. Nationally, it has over 200 reps on over 100 campuses. Ambassadors receive store credits, which is cool because they can choose the products they want to promote. They also have the ability to get reposted on PINK’s main Instagram account.

Sherelyn Weber, author of this article, promoting PINK's workout set in 2019.

Further, PINK reps receive career-building opportunities and learn product design and branding. PINK recently launched its Pride at PINK campaign, where campus reps and associates express was #Pride means to them. It also launched its virtual PINK with Purpose campaign which advocates Gen Z taking good care of their mental health.

.RTR on Campus

Rent the Runway is a fashion site that lets you rent designer clothing for a decent price. To help promote its brand, it created RTR on Campus, a program that has about 450 reps on 75 college campuses. Campus reps are given a free membership, career resources, and mentorship opportunities. Also, the main page is even marketed towards college students by adding shopping categories such as “Weekend Vibes” and “Internship Ready.”

Rent the Runway logo.

Since I am about to graduate this December, I probably wouldn’t be the best candidate as a campus ambassador because it is a year-long commitment. However, that doesn’t mean time is up for future and current students. Although the applications to be a campus rep have closed for these brands for the 2020-2021 school year, they will be reopening very soon for the 2021-2022 school year. Applications usually open in late winter and early spring, so make sure to stay on trend and up-to-date!


About the Author:

Sherelyn Weber is a senior Journalism major with a concentration in Public Relations at the University of North Texas in Denton. Sherelyn is also a social media influencer who has done brand ambassador work for VS PINK, Hairfinity, and Luxe Fitness.



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