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Andrew Brandt: A Vice President of Player Finance Turned Journalist

By: Kiersten Dolan

When I think of someone who is a part of an NFL team, I think quarterback, linebacker, wide receiver, and many other positions. I never think Vice President. You don’t think about the things that go on behind the scenes, off the field or outside of practice. You care about what happens on the field and your weekly stats updates for your fantasy football league, but what goes on off the field is just as important.

A Man of Many Talents

Andrew Brandt, the former Vice President of Player Finance and General Counsel of the Green Bay Packers, is now a well-rounded journalist who:

· Writes for Sports Illustrated

· Has his own podcast, Business of Sports

· Lectures at Wharton School University of Pennsylvania

· ESPN Sports Business Analyst

· Director of Moorad Center of Sports Law at Villanova University

· Cofounder of National Football

Andrew Brandt Lecturing at Villanova Law Brandt started his journey at Stanford University where he got his Bachelor of Arts degree. He then got his doctorate in Law from Georgetown. In 1991 he became the youngest General Manager for the Barcelona Dragons. From there on Brandt moved the teams’ financial contracts and players in a more positive direction, making the team capable of drafting better and more well-rounded players, leading to their trip to the world bowl that same year. After eight years with the Dragons, Brandt become the Vice president of Player Finance and General Counsel for the Green Bay Packers. He remains in this position until 2008 when he founded the National Football Post.

The NFL in Plain English

After nearly two decades in the business world of the NFL Brandt decided to help others understand more of his world. When the NFL announces new league rules, fines for players, contracts, brand changes and other business-like things that are happening, Brandt takes the information and puts it in plain English for ordinary people who have no idea what’s going on. Say a player for the Minnesota Vikings receives a fine for what the referees call “unsportsman-like conduct,” but to ordinary people it just looked like two players having a verbal argument. Brandt would post on Twitter and break down the rules and regulations of why that call was made and why that player was fined.

Concussion Conundrum

In 2012 when the NFL was receiving major backlash about concussions and its effects among its retired players, Brandt wrote an article in ESPN’s News Feed. The article went over past, present and hopes for the future of concussion protocol for the NFL. Within this article Brandt covered all his bases on where the league has been and where it is now from a business, medical and overall posture on concussions in players. The rules have gotten stricter, and the procedures have become far more extensive than the “shake it off” mentality that the NFL once had. This article created a more articulate surrounding of the “concussion conundrum,” as Brandt so cleverly named it, and created a better understanding of what the NFL is doing to protect its players.

As someone who hopes to work in the NFL someday, running social media or marketing for a team or the brand overall, journalists like Brandt help me to better understand all aspects of the league. I would categorize Brandt in the educational/descriptive portion of journalism, while still giving us stat updates after all the games. He is very well rounded and someone I personally look up to in the journalism world.


About the Author: Kiersten Dolan is a student at the University of North Texas. She is currently studying journalism with a focus in PR. She plans to graduate in December of 2021.


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