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Anderson Cooper Changed the Way We Engage With News.

Cooper is always asking the question everyone has on their mind

By: Anthony San Elias


There have been countless times where I am at the edge of my seat when I see Anderson Cooper conducting a live interview. He always finds a way to cultivate an audience and usher new audiences with his blunt yet insightful approaches on relevant news. He is always asking or reacting to a question the same way I would have. For instance this hilarious moment when he rolls his eyes at White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway. I could not help my laughter and loved every moment of his take on James Comey’s firing at that time.

Cooper is a prime specimen of his craft.

It is safe to say that he is a scholar and is in tune with his craft that creates link-clicking content. In this manner we are allowed to connect with him on a more personal level and begin to relate to him. When he interviewed Stephen Colbert a few months after the death of Cooper’s mother we all must have held back tears. Colbert begins to relate to his loss and it allows us to see how even a comedian can be made “vulnerable” in the presence of the Anderson Cooper. This heartwarming moment was that has stuck with me and has been one of my favorite interviews he has conducted so far. Not always do we get to break the fourth wall in a sense and truly connect to someone going through such a tough time.

Cooper cares about others the same way I do.

Anderson Cooper helping a boy during looting and a bombing

Additionally, Cooper has done immense work with different types of philanthropy with over 10 different causes being served. From the Street Teens to the American Heart Foundation, he has contributed back to those in need and uses his platform to speak about these issues. For instance this blog was so eye catching to me. This post on Anderson Cooper’s blog was covering the earthquake in Haiti in 2012. Cooper was originally there to cover another story was caught in the middle of a bombing and looting. Of course Cooper being the awesome person that he sprang into action to help amidst the chaos happening. I think what is most important about this story is the humility he showed from this event. This is the perfect way to gain traction to show you are good person. This story was not picked up by any major source. It’s on its his old blog and that is it.

The CNN anchor tells stories.

Anderson Cooper is also a storyteller. Someone who knows the ins and outs of each story and someone who gives the best insight at the most appropriate times. His take on covering 9/11 was so interesting to follow and his recollection of these events are fascinating to watch. Now, more than a decade later, this story serves as an example of the genuine care and consideration he puts into his work. The amount of traveling, stories, scripts, prompts and reading he must do to give his audience the scoop is staggering. It is something to be commended for and something that I wish had the ability to do as well. Telling your account of a story is very difficult to say the least, especially when you are in a field where you are consuming a copious number of media on any given day.

The amount of work he takes on is so honorable and awardable that it is difficult not to mention. He is unique and he spends his days telling stories that will always spread a message of unity. I see Anderson Cooper as someone who cares about the person next to him deeply, even if it means taking the next ‘hard’ step. He says exactly what needs to be said and the right time. His audience admires him and we are glad he spends his days telling us what relevant things may be newsworthy every week. None the less I admire the work load he takes on and the time he puts in to usher in a massive audience that may have mixed opinions. Anderson Cooper will go down as one of the best journalists of our time. But for now, he still has so much more for us to read and watch.



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