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A new year brings new faces to AGENZ PR

The agency introduces its new clients and students to the public

Image credit - Grace Davis

By: Matthew Cornell

Newness is something that excites us all. Whether it’s celebrating the dawn of the new year, enjoying the newness of life that comes in spring, becoming excited at the idea of a new job or new relationship, or rushing to get the newest piece of tech, we all enjoy celebrating the new.

For myself and my college career, interning at AGENZ is something new. And like the things mentioned before, I think it deserves to be celebrated! While I was admittedly unsure what to expect, I’ve come to recognize the unique opportunity we have as students in the agency. We get to grow our skills, learn to collaborate and interact with our professional clients–all while still in school. With that and following the theme of ”newness,” I’m excited to announce AGENZ PR’s new clients and teams for the 2022 spring semester!

Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT)

Our first client is the Communities Foundation of Texas. This is an impactful public charity and philanthropic foundation that serves communities throughout Texas. The foundation has awarded over $2 billion in grants since its founding in 1953 and continues to make a difference today. It leads community impact in major ways throughout the state, generously contributing to communities in support of the arts, education, public safety, public health, medical research and poverty. CFT makes giving easy for everyone, and also leads initiatives like North Texas Giving Day, Educate Texas and the Working Family Success Network. This team working with this client is composed of (pictured left to right) Client Managers Inaara Dharas and Katelyn Stevens .


Our next client is CossmanPR, a public relations firm founded by PR veteran Renee Cossman in 2017. After gaining 20 years of experience working for other agencies, Cossman decided to open her own. One which provides clients with “big agency experience with a personal, customized approach.” CossmanPR delivers a top-notch public relations approach, which connects clients with audiences, builds credibility with their brands, and makes a measurable impact. Some of their past and current clients include top companies like FritoLay, Carry the Load, AT&T and USAA. The team working with this client is composed of (pictured left to right) Senior Client Managers Shanya Russo and Olivia Moore .

Dallas Skyline Basketball Club

Our next client is the Dallas Skyline Basketball Club, a newly emerging, semi-pro basketball team in The Basketball League (TBL). Founded in 2019 by accomplished sports agent, Prescott Mack, the club exists with the goal of providing an alternate basketball opportunity to players and viewers alike. TBL exists with the goal of giving players a greater chance to succeed in their basketball careers without the need to travel and play overseas, allowing them the opportunity to play in America even if they can't do so in the NBA. The team working with this client is composed of (pictured left to right) Client Managers Olivia Hertel and Chandler Ray.

Mayborn School of Journalism

Our last client, the Mayborn School of Journalism at the University of North Texas, has been teaching principles of journalism to students for over 74 years. Accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, the school seeks to teach students proper ethical practices and professional journalism skills necessary to experience a successful career. Degree programs include advertising, broadcast, digital and print, photojournalism, and public relations. Additionally, the school offers many opportunities for students, with student organizations and student chapters of professional organizations present on campus. The team working with this client is composed of (pictured left to right) Client Managers John Slaga, Grace Davis, Jennifer Hamad, Gina Quatrino, Senior Client Manager Estella Ramble, and Client Manager Kevin Pacheco.


Lastly, while not a client, there is a fifth and final team working on behalf of AGENZ PR itself to develop and promote the company’s brand. We do this by contributing to the social media presence, the agency website, and in blog posts like this one! This final team is composed of (pictured left to right) Brand Manager Jonathan Stewart, Student CEO and Senior Brand manager Collin Renfro, Content Specialist and Writer Matthew Cornell, and Brand and Social Media Manager, Lily Green.

This new year and new lineup has my colleagues and I excited for what the semester holds, and we hope that you are too! Join us in celebrating the newness of this year and what it has in store for AGENZ PR.


AGENZ PR is a student-led public relations agency at University of North Texas at Frisco. It’s comprised of some of the top PR students from the Mayborn School of Journalism. AGENZ’s focus is on diverse, digital, data-driven public relations that allow clients to better reach Gen Zs with innovative communications. For more information, visit the agency’s website at

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